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Just had the Thursday night special, plenty of it really tasty and hot, it was on time, the best most consistent Indian takeaway by far!

Kevin Mclaughlin, 24 Sep 2020

Food lovely as always despite a two hour wait! It’s almost half 10 and we ordered at 8:10pm. We were missing our cans of pop- 1 with the meal deal and 1 additionally added on. Too late and can’t be bothered with the fuss now but would like them when we order again. Thanks, Ashley

Ashley, 19 Sep 2020


Georgia, 19 Sep 2020

when your down with all this lockdown who can pick you up Momins can with amazing food that is amazing and hits the spot each and every time

Stephen, 19 Sep 2020

Great food and service

Henry, 19 Sep 2020

Lovely food

Gemma, 18 Sep 2020

Very good, driver was a gent

Patrick, 13 Sep 2020


Peter, 12 Sep 2020

outstanding food always hits the spot, no one does food like Momins

Stephen, 23 Jul 2020

Momins hits the hunger rumbles each and every time outstanding food as always, never disappointing ever, FAB FAB FAB

Stephen, 18 Jul 2020

Never had a bad meal from Momins... always excellent food whether it be a kebab or a curry

Angela, 17 Jul 2020

the best food ever from my one and only Momins what not to love i mean love

Stephen, 04 Jul 2020

Great food, Great service

Phillip Wright, 04 Jul 2020

My favourite take away ever

Jo, 04 Jul 2020

Always great food Great prices Highley recommended

Kevin , 30 Jun 2020

Lovely food every time + good service

Scott, 20 Jun 2020

very nice curry

Barbaraann, 20 Jun 2020

Very nice

Wayne, 19 Jun 2020

Still the best around!!

Daniel, 18 Jun 2020

Awesome food, always quick to arrive.

Gemma, 15 Jun 2020

the best food you can treat your taste buds in the north east, Momins what is not to love

Stephen, 13 Jun 2020

Great web site very easy to navigate and order. Food excellent and very reasonably priced.

Wayne, 12 Jun 2020

have used Momins on more than one occasion when it was located on the Coast Road, Always found the food to be excellent. Looking forward to trying it once more.

Elizabeth, 12 Jun 2020

Very good food

Julie, 07 Jun 2020

good food

Barbaraann, 06 Jun 2020

Good service

Vicky, 06 Jun 2020